THATS Companion app

When our users purchase a tactile encyclopedia or download an image from THATS digital library, they gain free access to THATS Companion app. The app has image recognition, finger tracking and text-to-speech capabilities. These three offer a seamless educational experience for blind persons.

The user mounts the iOS (or Android) device on a stand, with the camera facing the tactile content. The user can explore the image. When he wants more info about an specific area he can use hand gestures to trigger the audio descriprions.

You can download our IOS prototype and test it. Your feedback is important.

Assistive technology brings out the best in blind and visually impaired persons

Individual study

THATS Companion app enables blind and visually impaired persons to study by themselves, anywhere and anytime, without the need of a teacher assistant or Braille text.



Every THATS image has descriptions stored in our online library. They can either be audio recordings or digital text that’s being converted into spoken voice output.

Image recognition

Every THATS image has an unique QR code, used by THATS Companion app to recognize the image that’s being studied and play the corresponding audio description.

Finger tracking

Every THATS image has 4 circle-shaped anchors placed in the corners. THATS Companion app uses them to track finger movements on the image, to know the coordinates of an area that’s being pointed at and to play the appropiate description of the area.

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