THATS online editor

With our online editor, anyone can create audio-tactile educational material for blind and visually impaired persons.

You upload an image, select various areas of interest and either write or record audio information about it. Every image is then uploaded in THATS digital library and will be available for every user.

The online editor can be used by teachers, parents or employers to create custom material for their needs.

Adaptive educational material for the benefit of blind and visually impaired persons

Record audio descriptions

The voice of a parent can be a powerful tool in education. The editor enables you to record audio descriptions of tactile images to help your loved ones study.

Create custom courses

THATS online editor enables employers and teachers to create educational and vocational courses for the blind, on any subject, in any language.


Create areas of interest

The online editor lets you draw areas of interest on a digital image. You can break out the image in as many pieces as you need.

Adapt existing material

Already have tactile images? That’s great! With the online editor, you can take a photo of an image, create various areas of interest and record or write their descriptions. You get a unique QR code to print and stick on the image.

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