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THATS project is run by ADU, a Romanian NGO founded in 2009

That’s Lisa. She’s a 10 years old legally blind student. She’s very passionate about magic potions and lions.

When she grows up, she wants to become a chemist.

In THATS digital library, she will have acces to all the chemistry curriculum, presented in the form of audio-tactile images.

She will be able to study by herself, to prepare for college and pursue a career as a chemist.

We’re a small team of professionals that got together to change the world for the better, by designing and implementing solutions for various problems found in our community. We develop educational, cultural, and environmental projects.

Between 2011-2013 we implemented “Feel the art”, ADU’s most important project so far, with the mission to make art accessible for people with various dissabilities. We worked with 7 museums from Romania and provided them special equipment, tactile reproductions of paintings, audio-guides, Braille leaflets and a variety of tactile exhibits. We also organized free museum visits for people with dissabilities and various workshops.

With THATS, we move a step closer towards our dream of an inclusive world

Dan Patzelt

Dan Patzelt

Runa Zaharia

Runa Zaharia

Cristian Cotarcea

Cristian Cotarcea

Orange Foundation Romania has funded two projects of ADU. We have chosen to support those projects because they had an original approach. Beyond the colaboration we were impressed by Dan Patzelt’s passion and ambition to find solutions to “an open society” for people with visual impairments.

Amalia Fodor

Executive Director, Orange Foundation Romania

For me, ADU is an organization always fighting and never accepting the word “NO”. For ADU, everything is possible if it really wants. They are people with high involvement and projects that seek to really change the world.

Alina Oveșea

Project Manager, RADCOM SRL

Join us to make it happen